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in harmony with GAIA & Scalarwave Imprinting LLC

Dr. Franco-Chavez has been researching the field of quantum physics for over twelve years.  Quantum science and bioenergetic medicine is a passion of hers.  She finally partnered with Scalarwave Imprinting LLC and uses GAIA Documentaries to help get this scientific understanding of energy medicine out to the masses.  


Here at The Healing House, we aim to deeply affect all levels of the subconscious.  We believe “Your voice is the key that unlocks the doorway to your transformation.This is sound science, energy medicine, quantum science simplified for all to experience.  Use the magic of your voice to free you from what is holding you back. 

Dr. Franco-Chavez's state-of-the-art technology accompanied by her unique take on modern medicine will truly transform your senses and energetic state. The transformation has to happen at the energy state (vibration/frequency) before it changes your matter state (your physical body).  Through biochemical understanding, physical medicine supportive therapies, nutritional therapies, lifestyle medicine, environmental medicine, and general medicine Dr. Franco-Chavez pairs nature & science in balance to bring you the best of both worlds.  


Come experience modern medicine where no stone is left unturned!


What is Quantum Sound Therapy? 

The award-wining voice analysis algorithm maps 5 octaves of your voice to determine the frequencies that you need to shift your vibration now. We use coding voice analysis through measurements of your voice frequency with 1.5 billion bits of information analyzed through our Sound Therapy + Tesla Coil Scalar Energy. This process creates an extremely accurate, personalized tone, and individualized frequency program of your voice that delivers a voice code soundtrack for you to continue to transform in the comfort of your own home.  You can listen to your voice coding every day to build an alternative to expensive therapy, to raise and elevate your emotional well-being and state of health, or to just transform the state of your energy.  


What Sound Therapy Can Do For You:


  • Helps to cancel stress

  • Bring back joy

  • Helps to erase fears and operate beyond the ego that can sometimes hold us back

  • Let go of fear, anxiety, panic attacks, post-traumatic stress, and sadness

  • Balance and raise your energy

  • Raise your Frequency


What to Expect: 


During your session with us, we will record your voice and generate your own personal frequency code. You will use the Tesla coil Scalar-Sound Technology as you meditate for 24 minutes. This generates a perpetual zero-point field that bathes you in elevated frequencies for 24x7 for effortless transformation for perpetual evolution. 

During your session, we will imprint your structured water with your personal healing frequency that you will continue to intake for the next 4-6 weeks alongside your voice code therapy. 

What is Structured Water?

Our water concentrates are created in our clean room Laboratory in Hot Springs, Arkansas. We have created a 17 step process to imprint the water with our scalar energy technology. The water is sourced from pristine, distilled Mountain Valley Spring Water and imprinted with scalar energy technology in a 72-hour process.


As Jacques Benveniste discovered water has incredible memory so once it is imprinted with this coherent frequency information, it remembers. Water is the carrier to deliver this coherent frequency Information directly to the cells so it is imprinted at the cellular level.

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 NMR (Nuclear Magnetic Resonance) on Our Quantum Structured Water Using Bioimpedance Equipment


DISCLAIMER: No Medical Claims Are Expressed Or Implied. These Technologies Are Intended For Experimental And Research Purposes Only. All Content On This Site Is Informational And Is Not Intended To Substitute For Professional Medical, Surgical Or Psychiatric Care.

"To Dr. J -

You'll never guess what happened... You know Marley from the Christmas Story/Scrooge story? Dragging those chains around as a ghost? Well, I felt 50 years of the "chains" of "Fight or Flight" and related angst that I've been dragging around my whole life evaporate! It was awesome! Amazing! I can't thank you enough!"

- From a Happy Patient at The Healing House


Contact:  admin@thehealinghouseofnewmexico.com

Please be in touch with your dedicated and specific Family of Healers Staff member if you have any questions or cancellations that need to be made.

There is a $40 cancellation fee for no-show or appointments canceled less than 24 hours prior to your appointment time