Season of the Witch Summit

Hi THH Tribe,

Dr. Jessyca Franco-Chavez had the incredible opportunity to be on a panel interview of 25 phenomenal, dynamic, & magical women this fall 2020 for ~ Season of the Witch Summit! 

She was part of the “Day Three” Health & Beauty Magic summit talks. There were 7 different days that dynamically discussed womanhood and our power with the feminine and our magical expertise and knowledge of each daily topic. Angela, the brains and beauty behind the scenes created these 1-on-1 organically thoughtful interviews.  In community with all participants, everyone was gracious enough to extend this summit for FREE along with each of their free material, links or gifts (on summit page) to our communities! There is FREE access for a limited time so please check out the summit at:

Day 1 - Divinity & Energy Magic

Day 2 - Business Magic

Day 3 - Health & Beauty Magic

Download my FREE gift on my talk here.

You are made of magic 10.28.2020 - Dr
. F
Download F • 8.37MB

Day 4 - Intuitive & Quantum Magic

Day 5 - The Magic of Mothers

Day 6 - Creating & Living Magic

Day 7 - Wealth & Magnetic Magic

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