Published Books 

“Press Here: Reflexology for Beginners”, Fair Winds Press 2017 

“Press Here: Chakras for Beginners”, Quarto Publishing 2019

(avail. March 2020) 

“Sacred Chakras”, Quarto Publishing 2020 (est. rls. mid 2020)

Education, Training and Certifications 

Professional training and experience in the services I offer include but are not limited to the following: 

• BS Bioengineering, UC San Diego – 1984 

• Landmark Forum curriculum and leadership graduate, Los Angeles, CA – 1999-2009 

• Kundalini Yoga Teacher Certification from 3HO Kundalini Yoga, Los Angeles, CA – 2011 

• Reiki Level I, II and III Attunements from the Healing Source, Phoenix, AZ – 2012 

• Hand/Ear/Foot Reflexologist Certification from the American Academy of Reflexologists, Los Angeles, CA – 2012 

• Crystal Healing training from Chateau Singh, Los Angeles, CA – 2013 

• Gong Therapy Training from SatNamYall, Los Angeles, CA – 2014 

• CranioSacral Therapy training from the Life Energy Institute, Los Angeles, CA – 2016 

• doTerra AromaTouch Certification Training from Corazon Healing Arts, Topanga, CA – 2017 

• Quantum Cranial Sound Healing Training from Biosonic Enterprises, Los Angeles, CA – 2018 

Reflexology Professional Memberships 

• Current Member of the Reflexology Association of California 

• Current Member of the World Reflexology Foundation – Board of Directors, Treasurer 

• Current Member of the Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals 

Recent Reflexology Services Provided 

• World Reflexology Foundation: Self-help/Family-help Workshops – Los Angeles, CA 2016, 2018 

• HBO Wellness Fair: Foot Reflexology - Santa Monica, CA 2016, 2018 

• Star Trek Beyond post-production crew: Reflexology Deep Relaxation – South Pasadena, CA 2016 

• Universal Studios Merge Summit: Foot Reflexology – Universal City, CA 2018 

• Reflexology Live Webinar – Reflexology Association of California – 2019 

• ACE TechFest: Foot Reflexology – Universal City, CA 2019 

• Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Health Fair– Foot Reflexology 2019 

• Larchmont Sanctuary Spa – Massage Therapist Reflexology Refresher Training 2019 

Wellness Practitioner 


Growing up in Los Alamos, NM, Victor was groomed to be an academic professional and thus had a gift to share. He had crafted a career in Information Technology, creating and managing systems to collect, organize, analyze and report data for a variety of health care companies. After many years, he was getting further away from the people he was servicing and felt that he had completed his IT career. He decided that he wanted to make a radical shift in careers to feel closer to the impact he could have on others. 

He has always been fascinated by the countless miracles that are occurring within our own bodies. Amazed at the complex and elegant series of systems that coordinate with exquisite perfection to maintain a vehicle with which we can experience this magnificent journey on this amazing planet. His Bioengineering studies at UCSD provided a solid foundation for the mechanics of how the body works. So when he began exploring new career possibilities, he realized that not only was he fascinated and intrigued by the miraculous inner-workings of the human body, he has always had a natural affinity for physical contact. Instinctively, he would reach out and hold a hand or touch an arm to be physically connected to his friends and family. Over time he has gained a good understanding of the importance of physical touch. Not just for infants and children, but for adults as well. 

Ten years ago, he began exploring various wellness modalities and have completed training and certification as a yoga teacher, certified reflexologist, 3rd Level Reiki practitioner, and training in aromatherapy, sound therapy and craniosacral therapy. In this time “A Space For Wellness” was born and he created the physical space for wellness in a private studio space behind his home. He has had the great honor and pleasure of doing hundreds of sessions with clients to continue the evolving process of deepening my technique and intuition as a wellness practitioner. 


Reflexology, Craniosacral, or Reiki

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“Victor is a gem!! Effervescently spirited and downright adorable, he exudes a warmly welcoming demeanor and truly cares about the well-being of his clients.

If you’ve ever been curious about Reiki and Reflexology, or are already a seasoned client, Victor’s masterful and personalized healing techniques are a welcome complement to any health & wellness or self-improvement methods you may employ. For me, they have become an essential component!


Prior to seeing Victor, I wasn’t entirely certain what Reiki was, but I’ve learned that it’s a gentle, safe, and natural method of aiding in the healing of both physical and emotional ailments. His expertise in incorporating various therapy modalities into a session creates a unique and powerful experience. I’ve gained incredible relief from various issues such as anxiety, insomnia, and even shoulder pain from a mountain biking injury." - Jack P., Creative Director

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Facilitating Flow, Promoting Deep Relaxation & Stress Reduction