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Nicole Chavez

“Incredible! The ‘Healing Salve’ that I purchased from Dr. Jessyca Chavez at The Healing House is exactly WHAT IT IS, a healing salve. I’ve been using the product on my face and hands and have seen a remarkable difference.  A few lingering blemishes have disappeared and I’ve seen a difference in some of my brown spots. It has also provided conditioning to my dry hands. I highly recommend this product and will continue to use it!”

Gina Ruggiero

“Dr. Franco-Chavez has touched my life in so many positive ways through her Naturopathic practice. Her amazing bedside manner is one reason, but also her ability to identify my needs readily, offer natural solutions through nutraceuticals, tincture blends and other modalities that have worked wonders in my life." 

T. Montoya

"Amazing Service at The Healing House of New Mexico, the wait time, environment, customer service are all quality care!"

Cynthia Archuleta

"My experience with Gena (LMT)  was absolutely wonderful. I thought I was going to be sore after my massage, but I feel absolutely relaxed the next day.

I have wonderful experiences with all areas of The Healing House- from the scrubs store to the apothecary."


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