Instructor: Har Har Khalsa

Tai Chi-Qigong Class Description:

Join us for dozens of gentle Medical Tai Chi - Qigong movement practices for Qi flow and vitality. Learn to sense Qi, gather Qi, and move Qi.


Impact the health of your heart, bones, nerves, muscles, immune system, and psychological health. Research also shows that Tai Chi (Qigong) can benefit people with osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia and other ongoing painful conditions. These movements are found to maintain strength, flexibility, and balance in the practitioner.


Our classes train students on the internal arts, using the mind, breath, and motion in synchronicity. This way we learn to consciously open the Qi flow through the meridians and energy gates of the body. With this skill, the Qigong practitioner can develop the ability to heal their body and their being with the power of their mind and breath.


Harvard Medical School Endorses Qigong and Tai Chi
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About The Instructor:

Har Har Khalsa has studied and practiced with highly skilled masters for over 40 years in the movement and energy arts field. He was trained and certified in Medical Qigong and Qi Healing by Master Tianyou Hao, who is the renowned Grandmaster of Qigong.


In 2017, Har Har also traveled to Wudang Mountain, in China, to train with Master Ming Yue, learning a unique form of Tai Chi-Qigong called “Vitality Qigong”, which he teaches in his classes.


Har Har Khalsa additionally trained for five years with Sifu Richard Leirer, at the Qigong and Tai Chi Academy, and graduated from his intensive training course with certification as a Tai Chi and Qigong instructor. Prior to that, he also studied Qigong at the White Cloud Institute, with certification as a Qigong instructor.


Har Har Khalsa has written numerous articles on Qigong and he is the author of the book, “Qi and Body Awareness”, which shares methodology on how to discover Qi, gather Qi, and move Qi throughout the body for health and well-being.