Nature & Science in Balance through Retail Therapy.

Southwestern vibe meets London Apothecary. Brick & Mortar.

Physician run & individualized medicines created for everyday life.

Providing our community with products that are nourishing for body, mind, & soul.


Plant-Based Pharmacy | Naturopathic Physician Grade Supplementary | Individualized Botanical Medicine

Concoctions | Organic Skin & Body Care |  Green Based Living Products |

Therapy Bar

Organic & Natural Tea Bar Blends | Medicinal Tinctures – Shrubs – Tonics – Vitamin Shots | Medicinal Mushroom Cocktails


*Coming Soon Oxygen Infusion Therapy and IV Drip Room Therapy


Open Tuesday - Saturday 9am - 5pm 

We are available at our normal business hours or for private patient appointments only.

Inquire for hosting of your formal adult event.

The Art of Medicine in Nature
Where Nature Meets Science

It was seen first around the 1600s that Apothecaries in London were making herbal concoctions and botanical remedies, and was the medieval forerunner of chemistry.  Finding just the medicine that is right for the taker requires very subtle alchemy. This science was documented in The Art of Distillation published in 1651 and is now re-purposed for the modern-day patient-client that strives to receive natural products with a scientific understanding.  

A variety of natural formulations are provided to you at TigerLily & Co. Apothecary by our Doctor In The Healing House, Dr. Franco-Chavez.  Step inside and the first thing you will notice is the aromatic blend of spices, botanicals, infusions, and oils on the shelves.  A variety of food-grade aesthetic products to fill your senses and art pieces that inspire and warm your home-décor.


Our aim is lifestyle medicine by honoring ourselves through the nutrition of body, mind & soul.  We bring to you supplements and products that are timeless through nature & science in balance our Retail Therapy space honors Mother Earth in all her grace is precious & indigenous to us and we honor this wild and natural world with the fine ingredients so carefully selected from companies that wild-harvest, individually package and vet their products with the highest of standards.  When blended together nature and science are in balance only to inspire our patient-clients to find nature’s true spirit.

TigerLily Nature Warrior
A Green Witches Memorandum

A wise one, focusing on nature with natural materials and energy forces. She doesn’t color in the lines, paints her life wild & free with grace & gumption. Forging onward, never looking back at the broken pieces that did not become her. Yet still guided by her history, her ancestral stars will never be forgotten. She aligns with the cycles of the moon to create healing, magick, and transformation. Embodies the earth as a sacred, living being. Strong like the tiger made of lions blood. Her tiger’s eye pierces truth through her fire sign melting ego & deception upon first glance. The pride for all conscious, living beings guides her heart anew. Unique personality spotted so intentionally like the grace that accompanies her boldness reflects on her delicate lily feathers.  Alas, be-still as fierce and wise as she may be, she is meek & humble, gentle as the Tigerlily.

~He tied braids in her hair and topped it with a feather, made to remember she was wild & free~