Women's Wellness

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Donette Morris

Integrative Women's Wellness Practitioner
RYT 500, Certified Wellness Consultant,
Certified Natural Health Professional
Addressing the specific needs of women as it relates to the health of their mind, body and spirit. Holistic modalities are utilized to create a comprehensive wellness plan that can easily be incorporated into daily living.


Reams Biological Theory of Ionization 
A non-invasive test which measures the components and residue of the urine and saliva. Results reveal what tools are needed to design a program that will assist client in achieving optimal health.
A non-invasive assessment tool used in naturopathic sciences to study the color and structure of the iris as it relates to the health of the body’s system. Iridology is used for the purpose of helping clients be more aware of genetic pre-dispositions, behaviors and emotions so that a positive plan can be formulated to strengthen their lives.
Natural Health Counseling 
Assessment and analysis of various health related needs in regard to diet, exercise, food intake and mental framework. 


Patient will be responsible for completing electronic new patient paperwork 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment before appointment is considered confirmed.
Please look out for an email from Donette with the required forms.
See what a sit down with me is like. Get to know me and we will dive into what improvements you would like to see while working together.
Complimentary Consultation with Donette
30 min
Enjoy a 1 hour session with Donette. $110 per session + tax
Office Visit with Donette
1 hr
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Bach Consultation
1 hr
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Iridology Consultation
1 hr
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REAMS Biological Ionization Testing
1 hr
REAMS Follow Up
1 hr


Contact donette.thehealinghouse@gmail.com

Please be in touch with your dedicated and specific Family of Healers Staff member

if you have any questions or cancellations that need to be made.


There is a $40 cancellation fee for no-show or appointments cancelled less than 24 hours prior to your appointment time.